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  • Vitality Medical Urocare Urolux Urinary & Ostomy Appliance Cleanser and Deodorant for $10.34
  • Health Products For You Safe N Simple Peri Stoma Cleanser And Adhesive Remover Wipes for $9.69
  • Mountainside Medical Urolux Ostomy Appliance Deodorant Cleaner 4oz for $6.50
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Shop Cleaners and Deodorants at Healthcare Deliveries for Optimal Ostomy Care

Get ready to explore the world of ostomy care at Healthcare Deliveries! Here, keeping things clean and comfy is key. Among all the must-have supplies, cleaners and deodorants are important for making sure people with ostomies feel good. So, let's check them out!

Cleaners for Ostomy Care

  • Odor Eliminator
    • Purpose: Designed to effectively eliminate odours, this product is a go-to solution for combating unpleasant smells.
    • Usage: Simply apply it to the skin surrounding the stoma to neutralize odours and enhance comfort.
    • Benefits: Users can enjoy a more pleasant experience, free from unwanted odours.

Odour management is a significant concern for many individuals with ostomies. The Odor Eliminator from a reputable brand provides an effective solution, helping to neutralize odours while promoting a sense of freshness throughout the day. Eliminating odours at the source, allows ostomy patients to feel more confident as well as comfortable in social settings and daily activities.

  • Urolux® Appliance Cleaner
    • Purpose: This cleaner is dedicated to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene for ostomy pouches and skin barriers.
    • Application: Use it regularly to clean your ostomy supplies, ensuring they remain fresh and free from contaminants.
    • Features: Renowned for its reliability and effectiveness, it's a trusted choice for individuals seeking optimal stoma care.

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial for preventing skin irritation and infections around the stoma area. The Urolux® Cleaners offers a reliable way to clean ostomy pouches and skin barriers, ensuring that individuals remain free from bacteria and residue buildup. Regular use of this cleaner and adhesive remover promotes hygiene and extends the lifespan of ostomy supplies, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of the user.

  • Alpine™ Fresh Appliance Cleaner
    • Purpose: Keeping your ostomy supplies fresh and clean is effortless with this product.
    • How to Use: Simply apply it to the pouch or skin barrier as needed to maintain comfort and control odours.
    • Advantages: With Alpine™ Fresh, you can rest assured knowing that your ostomy experience is both comfortable and odour-free.

A fresh and clean pouch can make a significant difference in the daily lives of ostomy patients. The Alpine™ Fresh Appliance Cleaner is specially formulated to keep ostomy supplies smelling and feeling fresh. By eliminating unpleasant odours and providing a refreshing sensation, it enhances user comfort and confidence. Plus, it enables individuals to focus on living life to the fullest without worrying about odour-related concerns.

Deodorants for Ostomy Pouches

  • Adapt™ Lubricating Deodorant
    • Function: This lubricating deodorant is specially formulated to provide comfort and prevent irritation.
    • Application: Add a few drops to your pouch to reduce friction and ensure a secure fit while enhancing overall comfort.
    • Key Benefit: By minimizing friction and discomfort, Adapt™ Lubricating Deodorant allows users to go about their daily activities with ease.

In addition to odour control, maintaining pouch comfort is essential for ensuring a positive ostomy experience. The Adapt™ Lubricating Deodorant not only neutralizes odours but also lubricates the inside of the pouch. It also reduces friction and prevents irritation against the skin. This dual-action formula enhances overall pouch comfort, allowing users to move freely and comfortably throughout the day.

  • m9™ Odor Eliminator Drops
    • Purpose: Banishing odours from your pouch is effortless with m9™ Odor Eliminator Drops.
    • Usage: Simply add a few drops to your pouch before sealing it to effectively neutralize unpleasant smells.
    • Noteworthy Feature: Renowned for its efficacy in eliminating odours, m9™ Odor Eliminator Drops provide long-lasting freshness.

Convenience and effectiveness are key when it comes to managing ostomy odours. The m9™ Odor Eliminator Drops offer a simple yet powerful solution for neutralizing odours on the go.

  • Internal Deodorants
    • Mechanism: Offering an alternative approach to odour control, DEVROM® Capsules, for instance, are ingested orally to address odours from within.
    • How It Works: By neutralizing odours internally, these capsules provide a discreet and convenient solution for managing odour.
    • Unique Aspect: With Internal Deodorants, individuals can enjoy effective odour control without the need for external application.

This innovative solution allows ostomy patients to manage odours discreetly and confidently, enhancing their quality of life and social interactions. Additionally, considering the rising concerns about deodorant prices, DEVROM® Capsules offer a cost-effective alternative for those looking for efficient odour management solutions.

  • Securi-T™ Ostomy Deodorant
    • Objective: Designed to ensure a pleasant pouch experience, Securi-T™ Ostomy Deodorant is a must-have for odour management.
    • Application: Simply add it to your pouch to minimize odours, providing you with confidence and peace of mind.
    • Notable Feature: Engineered for user comfort and confidence, Securi-T™ Ostomy Deodorant delivers reliable odour control in any situation.

Maintaining odour control throughout the day is essential for the comfort and confidence of ostomy patients. The Securi-T™ Ostomy Deodorant offers a reliable way to minimize odours and maintain a pleasant pouch experience. With its user-friendly application and effective odour-neutralising properties, it helps individuals feel more at ease in their daily activities, ensuring they can focus on living life to the fullest.

Remember, selecting the right ostomy supplies tailored to your individual needs is crucial for your comfort and well-being. If you have specific requirements or questions, don't hesitate to consult with your healthcare provider or an ostomy nurse.

For more in-depth information and to explore our complete range of ostomy supplies, visit the Ostomy Supplies section on the Healthcare Deliveries. We're here to support you on your journey to optimal ostomy care.

Cleaners Deodorants FAQs

What is peri stoma cleanser?

A peri-stoma cleanser is a specialized solution used to clean the skin around a stoma to prevent irritation and infection.

How can I clean my stoma?

You can clean your stoma by gently washing it with warm water and mild soap, followed by patting it dry with a soft towel.