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An Overview Of Ostomy Supplies

Digestive and urinary diseases are becoming more common these days. To treat such conditions, people usually undergo ostomy surgeries. Well, dealing with ostomy and ostomy supplies post-surgeries is always challenging for individuals.

However, in this post, you will learn everything about ostomy, ostomy supplies, their different types, etc. As you read on, you will also gain insight into how to select these supplies and what may be the ideal ostomy products for you.

Understanding Ostomy and Precautions for Ostomate

An ostomy refers to a surgical procedure that creates an opening in the body for waste to exit. These surgeries are usually performed under conditions of normal route blockage.

According to the National Library of Medicine, 7,25,000 to 1 million people in the United States have ostomies. Plus, almost 1,000 ostomy surgeries are performed in the US every year.

Not to mention, the post-surgery condition can’t be overlooked. It’s important to consider some measures in the first place to avoid future complications.

Some precautions to take after ostomy surgery include:

  • Stoma Care: Follow your healthcare provider's instructions for stoma and pouch care.
  • Hygiene and Activity: Keep the stoma area clean, avoid heavy lifting, and follow activity restrictions.
  • Health and Nutrition: Stay hydrated and eat balanced meals for overall health.
  • Emotional Support: Seek guidance from support groups and professionals for emotional support during recovery.

What are Ostomy Supplies?

Unlike normal people, ostomates have to rely on some special products, called ostomy supplies. To be specific, these products are used to manage different ostomies, such as colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. They assist you in performing your daily activities.

These supplies include pouches, pediatric systems, skin barriers, pouch covers, accessories, etc. They help collect waste and protect the skin around the stoma, providing enough comfort and safety.

Well, these supplies come in a variety of types and sizes to satisfy an individual’s needs. However, these supplies stay inside your body, so choosing the right product for you is a vital task.

Types of Ostomy Supplies

Let's take a look at different ostomy supplies:

  • Pouches
    Pouches are an essential part of ostomy bag supplies. They attach to the stoma and collect waste. There are different types of pouches, like one-piece or two-piece systems, with various sizes and features. It's important to find the right pouch that fits your needs and provides comfort and security.
  • Skin Barriers
    Skin barriers are another important component of ostomy supplies. They are adhesive barriers that protect the skin around the stoma from irritation and leakage. They create a seal between the stoma and the pouch, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Choosing the right size and type of skin barrier is crucial for maintaining healthy skin.
  • Irrigation System
    Irrigation systems can be used by some individuals with colostomy to regulate bowel movements. It involves flushing water into the colon through a stoma, allowing waste to be evacuated. This can help establish a more predictable bowel routine, but it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before using an irrigation system.
  • Pastes and Powders
    Pastes and powders are commonly used ostomy supplies. Pastes help fill in uneven skin surfaces around the stoma, providing a better seal for the pouch. Powders are used to absorb moisture and protect the skin from irritation. They can help improve the adherence of the skin barrier and prevent leakage.
  • Cleaners Deodorants
    Cleaners and deodorants are useful ostomy products for maintaining hygiene and managing odor. Cleansers are specially formulated to clean the skin around the stoma, removing adhesive residue and preventing irritation. Deodorants help neutralize odor from the pouch, providing a more pleasant experience. These products can help you feel fresh and confident.
  • Pediatic System
    Pediatric systems are ostomy items designed specifically for children. They are available in smaller sizes and have features that cater to the unique needs of pediatric ostomy care. These systems are designed to provide comfort, security, and ease of use for children with ostomies.

How Can You Choose The Best Ostomy Supplies For You?

Choosing the right ostomy products for you can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. First of all, Ostomy Bags are an excellent option to start with. You can choose Ileostomy Bags, Colostomy Bags, or Urostomy Bags, depending on your surgical condition.

Plus, you can also select different styles of ostomy pouches such as one-piece, two-piece, closed-end ostomy pouch, etc.

However, these supplies aren’t limited to bags only. There are ostomy belts, skin barrier rings, seals, protective powder, etc. So, make your best decision and make your life post-surgery life even easier.


It’s certainly not easy to adapt to ostomy-like conditions. After all, you experience uneasiness and discomfort in your day-to-day life. And when it comes to your health, you can’t take a risk with any poor-quality product.

So, make sure you choose quality ostomy supplies that will ease your post-ostomy surgery journey. Although these items are costly, Healthcare Deliveries provides quality products at a lower price than other sellers. Can’t believe it? Try it out.

Ostomy Supplies FAQs

Can you swim with an ostomy bag?

Yes, you can swim with an ostomy bag. These bags are water-resistant. However, make sure the bag isn't damaged. Also, check the seal properly to avoid leakage issues.

What are ostomy pouches made of?

These pouches are made of Polyolefin in a layered system. The material used is thin yet strong to prevent leakage problems. Moreover, to prevent odor, an activated carbon filter is used.

What is an ostomy care procedure?

It’s a complicated surgical procedure that involves rerouting the excretory waste via a different opening. The expert makes the incision in the abdominal region. The hole or opening is known as a stoma. The ostomy pouch is put on over the stoma to collect the waste.

Why do people need ostomy surgery?

People having severe bowel problems or bladder cancer may need surgeries. Also, in case of serious urinary infections, a doctor may recommend ostomy surgeries. So, visit a doctor if you are facing any problems associated with your digestive and excretory system.

Is an ostomy bag permanent?

People may need it temporarily or permanently, depending on the condition. Cancer-related ostomy patients may need it for a few months, while urostomy patients may need it for life. So, yes, it depends, particularly on the surgery you have undergone.

What is the difference between ostomy and colostomy?

There isn’t a major difference between ostomy and colostomy. In fact, colostomy is a kind of ostomy. Furthermore, in the condition that the colon does not function properly, a colostomy can help with excretion.