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  • Med Mart Online Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair for $208.45
  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions 18" x 16" Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair with Full Arms for $188.12
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Today, almost every sport is offered to the wheelchair user - wheelchair skiing, downhill wheelchair racing, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, and more.

Participating in sports will not only help strengthen your body and improve dexterity, but it will also boost your self-esteem.

When looking at the difference between a sports wheelchair and a daily use wheelchair, you will quickly find significant differences. These wheelchairs have different designs and functionalities.

Sport wheelchairs are typically determined by the person's weight, height, age, and type of sport the person uses the wheelchair.

Most new users can only afford one wheelchair for everyday use. If you are interested in playing sports for fun, you may find a rigid, lightweight chair a practical choice. Many athletes are already using them in competitions because of their quick maneuverability.

Many people are also using sports wheelchairs for everyday use. Because they are made of aluminum, sports chairs can quickly propel and get in and out of cars. This crossover has caught the attention of wheelchair manufacturers, who have begun testing their chairs to see if everyday users can utilize them.

If you become heavily involved in a sport, you may find it's time for a custom chair. At that time, you will already know which features to look for. If not, attend a wheelchair sporting event to see what the other athletes are using.

Types Of Sports Wheelchairs:

Most sports wheelchairs are made using ultra-lightweight metal, productive ergonomics, and next-generation technology for moving fast. The wheels are adjustable and can withstand high rates of speed and pressure.

The different types of sports that have specific types of wheelchairs include:

  • Basketball Wheelchairs
  • Tennis Wheelchairs
  • Racing Wheelchairs
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Clubs

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