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Medical beds are the special types of beds used to care for patients at home and in the hospital. These beds have particular characteristics that differentiate them from standard beds.

Medical beds are available in various styles to suit individual needs. They can be double, queen-size, or bariatric. Profiling beds are a popular choice.

The main difference between hospital beds and regular household beds is that they can adjust their height and the head and foot of the bed.

Today there are different types of hospital beds available on the market.

While virtually all hospital beds can offer some comfort and relief, less expensive beds often do without safety, style, and advanced positioning features.

Types of medical beds:

There are three main types of medical beds: manual, semi-electric, and fully electric. Every kind of medical bed has its advantages. You can find the best medical beds for sale as an affordable option.

Semi-electric medical beds are also an option. The headboard and feet of these beds are electrically adjustable, so your elder could handle these adjustments as needed on his own. The height of the bed is manually adjusted. Generally, this type of bed is fully covered by Medicare for home use.

Manual Medical Beds: These beds use manual cranks to adjust the height of the bed and raise and lower the head and foot.

Semi-electric medical beds: semi-electric medical beds have an electric motor that raises and lowers the head and foot of the bed.

Fully Electric Medical Beds - Fully electric medical beds do not need any manual action. The patient can control the height and position of the bed with a pendant or remote control. No crank required,

Tips for choosing a medical bed

When dealing with the decision of whether or not to move to an electric or manual medical bed, you should keep the following in mind:

  • You want your senior to have the ability to raise or lower their head, foot, or the entire bed for maximum comfort at any time.
  • Your elder's caregiver will be able to manage care with much less physical effort and effort.
  • For the elderly in a recovery phase from recent surgery (hip, back, leg, etc.), an electric hospital bed will allow the ability to move up and down simply by pressing one or two buttons.
  • Making or changing the bed is very easy due to raising the mattress to a height that matches the person making or changing the bed.
  • Trapeze rails and bars can be placed on a hospital bed to help your older person get in and out of bed.
  • Hospital beds can be raised or lowered, which will help transfer from wheelchair to bed.
  • Special hospital bed mattresses can be of great help in helping your older person prevent pressure ulcers. Many are available, from standard coil springs to foam and air mattresses. The size of the traditional medical bed/hospital bed mattress is 35x80. The sheets you will want to buy are Twin XL, as regular Twin sheets just won't fit.
  • Be sure to find out if bed rails are included or optional when purchasing or renting. These are a must.
  • If you feel that a hospital bed has become a necessity for your senior, be sure to discuss this with your senior's physician. If you agree, check with Medicare to see if the purchase will be covered, at least in part, by Medicare. You may find that even if it isn't, the investment of a hospital bed may be worth the cost.

When shopping for a home medical bed for a loved one, be sure to take what your loved one's doctor has to say before you go shopping for one. The doctor is your best option when it comes to recommendations for precisely the type of medical bed you will need.

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