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If you want to replace your existing manual wheelchair or a wheelchair for the patient in your home, try out power wheelchairs. They are the wheelchairs of the present generation.

Power wheelchairs can be the best buddy of the rider, which offers not only power rides but comfort and a ride filled with amusement. Power wheelchairs give the freedom to the rider to move around without anybody's assistance.

They can go for long drives since the range of most electric chairs is more than 10 miles at one charge. Power wheelchairs are relatively heavier than manual and other lightweight wheelchairs.

Today the manufacturers of power wheelchairs try their best to introduce new technologies, fun-filled features, and other things which would make their wheelchairs the best in the market.

There is tough competition among the top manufacturers like Invacare, Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, Sunrise, Permobil, and others. They try to attract dealers, distributors, and customers with various plans and new launches.

Types Of Power Wheelchairs

Let's have a look at the types of power wheelchairs that are around us.

Travel & Folding Electric Wheelchairs: Folding power wheelchairs are an essential part of the lives of those who need to travel a lot. They are a good option even for others too. Invacare, Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, Sunrise, and others manufacture folding power chairs. They fold easily or can be disassembled for transportation. You can check on the Internet for the latest models.

Standard Wheelchairs: Jazzy, Jet, and Pronto Electric wheelchairs fall under this category of wheelchairs. They are costly, and manufacturers offer a wide range of rear, front, or center wheel drive models. Some of the models from this section can handle weights up to 500 lbs. Among the great brands are Pride and Invacare wheelchairs.

Custom Electric Wheelchairs: The power-operated wheelchairs which can be customized as per the need of the patient or the riser are customized power wheelchairs. Some models have options to customize them automatically, like the tilting of leg rests and back seat, while in some models, you need to fix some accessories to get them customized. Sunrise is a well-known brand for customized power chairs.

Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairs: Heavy-duty power chairs are called all-terrain power wheelchairs. They are meant for both indoor and outdoor usage. You will love the experience in these chairs, which can easily overcome obstacles and take you to places where you cannot imagine going with other wheelchairs. Pride Jazzy models are the best wheelchairs in this category. Other manufacturers like Invacare too make such heavy-duty models.

Whatever the types and categories of power wheelchairs, the primary theme and idea are the same. Power wheelchairs have many features besides their power and sleek looks.

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