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In hospitals and homes, wheelchairs provide essential transport for weak and disabled patients. The user operates the machine by pushing the wheels with the hands or using different automatic systems.

The most modern two decades have seen a lot of progress in wheelchairs. The modern wheelchairs are lighter and perform much better than the previous ones. Their importance can never be denied, especially in a healthcare facility that uses them daily.

Wheelchairs are very helpful for disabled persons. Wheelchairs are very helpful for them as wheelchairs help them to sit comfortably and help the patient go from one place to another and make them feel better and do their work themselves.

Wheelchairs were very simple when they first came into the scene. Then very quickly and rapidly, technology was upgraded, and wheelchairs were made more technically and beautifully.

Different Types Of Wheelchairs

There are various types of wheelchairs for different needs. Some are operated manually, and others are electrically operated. Here is a little information about the different types of wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs:

Manual chairs are self-driven and are controlled by the person who sits on them. Manual wheels are preferred very much by those individuals who are strong with their senses.

Usually, Manual wheelchairs are seen in hospitals or doctor's offices. Manual wheelchairs have different types of models. It can be customized to fit the individual needs using it.

Power Wheelchair:

Motors control power wheelchairs. These chairs do not need any manual effort. The Power wheelchairs are made with light materials that anyone can quickly take along.

Power wheelchairs provide the required boost needed by a disabled person, more than the manual wheelchairs provide. Power wheelchairs are very helpful for people who want to conserve their energy.

Power wheelchairs help the person move more freely in his life and in all the activities he performs. With the help of motorized wheelchairs, you can easily take part in almost all types of activities that you like to complete, and you don't have to bother about anything. Power wheelchairs are more potent than manual wheelchairs.

Electric Wheelchair:

There are different wheelchairs, and an electric wheelchair is one of them. An electric wheelchair is excellent. An electric wheelchair is very supportive because you do not have to propel it with your hands. Electric wheelchairs are operated electrically.

Electric wheelchairs formulate either belts or gears, or sometimes they use both. Electric Wheelchairs that usually have belt drives are generally very quiet and require more maintenance than the other wheelchairs.

There are some kinds of Electric wheelchairs, also known as travel chairs, folding electric wheelchairs, pronto chairs, and custom electric wheelchairs, that are very famous. Electric wheelchairs are the best models that help meet the transportability needs of people. Electric wheelchairs are rear, center, and front-wheel drive chairs.

These types of wheelchairs are generally faster than front wheelchairs. These wheelchairs have reduced turning capabilities if we compare them with front-wheel and mid-wheel models.

Beach Wheelchairs

Beach wheelchair is available in the markets in different sizes and models. Beach wheelchairs are woody chairs, power wheelchairs, and electric wheelchairs. Deming designed the beach wheelchair for the very first time.

A beach wheelchair can be very cooperative for you in having good times with your family and friends once more, especially if your preferred place is close to seashores.

Beach wheelchair is available in a large variety. There are several different types of beach wheelchairs available in the market. Those are categorized like a characteristic wheelchair in which you can decide different styles and can be modified.

Generally, beach wheelchairs are developed into three groups. Electric beach wheelchairs are powered by stored electricity in the batteries. The transport types of beach wheelchairs can be pushed but are prepared with four wheels of the same size.

Folding Wheelchairs:

Due to injury, age, or disabilities, many individuals use a wheelchair, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Being in a wheelchair does not mean the end of social life. Thanks to folding wheelchairs, many individuals who use wheelchairs and their families can experience everyday activities without a hassle.

Folding wheelchairs come in many shapes and styles. Traditionally folding wheelchairs come in the form of manually operated ones. These manual wheelchairs are often lightweight and easy to move.

Folding wheelchairs may cost a wheelchair owner or their family additional money. Folding wheelchairs may cost a little bit more money than traditional nonfolding wheelchairs; however, money may be saved in the long run.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs that are specifically designed for children are known as pediatric wheelchairs. There are many pediatric wheelchair styles and brands available for children of all ages.

Pediatric wheelchairs can come in manual or powered mode. The manual-style wheelchairs are developed for young children who may not control a power wheelchair. They may also be used for children with disabilities that prevent them from having control of their hands.

These pediatric wheelchairs will generally have armrests, footrests, and handles for pushing. Since pediatric wheelchairs sit lower towards the ground, the handles on the back of the wheelchair tend to be higher and will extend up farther. This feature makes it easier for adults or taller individuals to push around a child in a pediatric wheelchair.

Paraplegic Wheelchairs

An individual who loses the use of their lower body and cannot move has paraplegia. Paraplegic individuals are unable to use their lower body parts. Due to their cost, weight, and easy ability to move, manual-style chairs are the most common paraplegic wheelchairs used. Manual wheelchairs come with handles on the back of the chair.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters resemble traditional scooters, and they serve many purposes. Elderly, injured, or disabled individuals are the primary users of wheelchairs or scooters. Although any type of individual can use a mobility scooter, they are typically designed for older individuals or those unable to walk long distances.

Like manual or power wheelchairs, mobility scooters have a wide variety of brands, models, and accessory options. Depending on the models, mobility scooters may have three or four wheels.

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