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Pulse Oximeters

Latest products from Pulse Oximeters

  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions Posey Pediatric Pulse Oximeter Probe Wrap for $1.22
  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions Wrist Ox Finger Clip Sensor for $294.00
  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions Soft Finger Sensor for Pulse Oximeter for $339.47
  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions 2500A Hand-Held Oximeter with Memory and Alarms for $1430.00
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Shop For The Best Pulse Oximeter

Choose The Best Quality Pulse Oximeter From Top Sellers.

A pulse oximeter is a straightforward and non-invasive electronic gadget that measures how efficiently the oxygen is distributed around the body. Most of the modern models now track your heart rate as well.

Pulse oximeters are very convenient and helpful as they can be used with no trouble anytime and anywhere –as there are what we call the portable pulse oximeters.

Finger pulse oximeters are the types of pulse oximeters attached to the fingertip. Leading brands in pulse oximeters are nonin pulse oximeters and Nellcor pulse oximeters.

Type Of Pulse Oximeter

  • Tabletop pulse oximeters- Usually, medical grades have more features and greater accuracy; however, they tend to be expensive.
  • Portable Handheld Oximeters- designed to be portable but usually more reliable than fingertip models.
  • Portable fingertip Oximeters- The sensor and oximeter are integrated into a tiny device that can fit into a pocket or be carried on a lanyard.
  • Wrist Oximeters- Some users prefer these units for continuous monitoring while asleep.

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