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  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench Shower Chair for $262.60
  • HDIS Folding Sliding Transfer Bench for $239.99
  • HDIS Folding Sliding Transfer Bench for $239.99
  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions Heavy Duty Bath and Shower Chair for $136.82
  • HDIS Padded Transfer Bench with Back for $129.99
  • HDIS Padded Transfer Bench with Back for $129.99
  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions sunmark Econo Aluminum Shower Bench with Backrest for $64.95
  • HDIS Bath Seat with Back for $59.99
  • HDIS Bath Seat Without Back for $49.99
  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions Econo Aluminum Shower Bench with Backrest for $37.53
  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions Econo Aluminum Shower Bench without Back for $25.91
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Buy Premium Quality Transfer Benches at Healthcare Deliveries

Safety transfer benches are one of the many bath essentials for those who need assistance with mobility in their daily lives. At Healthcare Deliveries we value the safety of your loved ones. That’s why we offer you a wide variety of quality Transfer Benches at affordable prices to meet your day-to-day mobility requirements. Our transfer benches are perfect for people with disabilities, injuries or any other movability issue.

Why Do You Need Transfer Benches?

Transfer benches are designed to offer you safety and comfort while providing you with enough stability to move from one seat to another.

In showers, particularly, a shower bench is an essential need for the elderly, people with recent surgery and disabled people. It offers your loved ones the freedom of mobility and safety in their daily shower routines.

Shower benches are mainly advised for people having any kind of transportability problems. However, you can also use a shower chair in case of sickness or feebleness in your day-to-day life.

Types of Transfer Benches

There is a variety of options available for transfer benches designed according to the different needs of people. The most common ones you can consider are:

  • Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench Shower Chair
  • Folding Sliding Transfer Bench
  • Padded Transfer Bench
  • Padded Transfer Bench With Back
  • Heavy Duty Bath and Shower Chair
  • Aluminum Shower Bench With Backrest
  • Bath Seat With Back
  • Bath Seat Without Back
  • Aluminium Shower Bench Without Back

Key Properties of a Transfer Bench

  • Bench Size
    Choosing the correct size is the most important aspect of buying a transfer bench. Select the size according to the age and size of the person using the shower chair.
  • Weight Capacity
    Different shower benches have different weight capacities, look for the weight capacity before buying a shower chair according to the weight of the user of the bench.
  • Adjustable Height
    Look for the benches you can adjust the height according to you. At Healthcare Deliveries we provide you with customizable shower benches to adjust as you prefer. It is an essential feature you get with a shower bench that allows you the freedom of customization on your own.
  • Material Used
    The material used in the transfer chair is also important to consider as exposure to water, can deteriorate the condition of the chair over time. Transfer benches come in different materials such as plastic and aluminium. A combination of both is advised for the longer life span of the product.
  • Back and No-Back
    You can purchase a shower chair with or without a back, based on the person using the chair. It is advisable to get the one with a back for people with disabilities and the elderly. No back shower chair is less costly than one with a back. However, those with a back intact give you more safety and comfort.
  • Padded and Non-Padded
    Shower benches come in padded and non-padded variants designed for the different needs of the user. A Padded Transfer Bench can be expensive as compared to a non-padded one, however, it is more suitable for people with injuries and the elderly.

    These key properties of transfer benches help you select the one according to your needs and preferences. You can select the one with the features suited to your needs and budget accordingly.

Purchase The Best Transfer Benches From Top Sellers

There are several options available to purchase the item from, offering a variety of products at different price ranges. However, exploring different sellers is a laborious process you don’t want to waste time on. That’s why Healthcare Deliveries is here to help you.

Find all the top brands offering transfer benches in one place and select the one best suited for your preference. These brands offer transfer benches in different types, sizes, materials and prices ranging from $25 up to $262.

At Healthcare Deliveries, we value your time and efforts. Compare the top brands like HDIS, DMI, Drive, Nova and McKesson, and choose what suits best for you.

Transfer Benches FAQs

How to clean teak shower bench?

Apply the mixture of one-half cup of vinegar, two tablespoons of detergent, and one cup of water to the teak shower bench. Clean it with plain water, wipe and let it air dry in the sun.

How to adjust backrest on office chair?

To adjust the backrest on an office chair, locate the adjustment lever typically found underneath the seat or on the side. Pull or push the lever while leaning back or forward to achieve the desired angle.

Where to buy a shower chair?

You can buy a shower chair from medical supply stores, online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, or home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe's.

What is the purpose of a transfer bench?

The purpose of a transfer bench is to assist individuals with mobility issues or those recovering from surgery to safely transfer in and out of a bathtub or shower, providing stability and support during the process.