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Child Or Pediatric Wheelchairs For Sale

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Pediatric Wheelchairs, also known as child wheelchairs, are wheelchairs that are designed to help children with disabilities to be able to move around.

There could be many reasons why a child would need to use a pediatric wheelchair. A child may have suffered head injuries; some have muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy, while some are amputees.

All these reasons often result in the child not being able to move from one place to another independently. A wheelchair is the essential piece of equipment that allows the child to move around freely in such cases.

There are various options available for choosing a suitable pediatric wheelchair. They come in different shapes and sizes depending upon the specific requirements for the child, and it is essential to understand these particular needs when buying a pediatric wheelchair.

Pediatric Wheelchair & Stroller Styles

  • Upright - This style features a 10-degree fixed angle, which means the chairs are decent, perfect for someone with good upper body strength and stability!
  • Fixed Tilt - Our 30-degree fixed angle pediatric wheelchairs increase upper body positioning for the child who lacks upper body strength or trunk stability.
  • Tilt-In-Space - These Convaid compact-folding portable, lightweight wheelchairs provide comprehensive positioning and are perfect for individuals who require tilt adjustment for pressure relief, digestion, and respiratory assistance.
  • Restraint System - The Carrot 3 is the most comprehensive special needs car seat built with optimal positioning & safety for children with a short head, trunk, and pelvic stability.

How To Choose The Best Wheelchair For Your Child

When choosing a suitable wheelchair for your child, it is essential to make sure that the wheelchair that you buy meets the doctor's specifications.

You can buy a wheelchair that is the size of your child, or you could buy one that grows with your child.

There are pediatric wheelchairs that can grow and adapt as your child grows; this way, you will be able to save money instead of having to buy another wheelchair.

Such wheelchairs can be changed with minimum modifications to adapt to your child as they grow.

A pediatric wheelchair like this can last up to 10 years or even more. Since the child will be sitting in the wheelchair for an extended period, the cushions must be comfortable and soft.

Choose the correct type of cushions. Overly soft or rough cushions would not be too comfortable for your child.

Style and color are other essential aspects of a pediatric wheelchair that may be more important to the child. Choose vibrant colors, like red, pink, or blue, than the dull gray and brown.

Decorate the wheelchair with stickers to make it more appealing for the child. Although price is not an essential factor for your child's comfort and safety in a wheelchair, be sure to choose a pediatric wheelchair that meets all the standard safety requirements.

Children with disabilities need not miss out on all activities of their childhood if only you choose the right type of pediatric wheelchair so their mobility is enhanced and they can enjoy most of the activities that an average child would.

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