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Protective Underwear

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Protective underwear allows many people to regain independence and control in their daily routines. The correct protective underwear will allow you to enjoy your day-to-day life without worry.

Protective underwear allows many people to regain independence and control in their daily routines following a loss of continence. The correct protective underwear will put odor or absorbency control issues behind you and allow you to enjoy your day-to-day life without stress or worry.

Protective Underwear Keeps You Clean, Dry, and Independent

Partial loss of bladder function is a surprisingly common ailment for many today. Many people begin experiencing occasional or frequent incontinence as early as their 30s due to pregnancy or hysterectomy complications, surgery, sustained weight gain or loss, or several other factors and combinations.

It would help if you did not let worries about odor, moisture, or other incontinence issues keep you from your routine. Protective underwear has become an essential component in keeping people independent and free of the embarrassing side effects of incontinence. You can find a great brand of protective underwear suitable for your needs.

Many Choices in Protective Underwear

Today's protective underwear options use breathable, comfortable fabric that lets your skin breathe and helps protect against chafing or soreness. Most protective underwear is latex-free to minimize allergic reactions and offer customizable fits at the waist and leg openings for the most excellent protection.

Here are some choices of protective underwear popular with many consumers today:

Depends on Protective Underwear

Depends is exceptionally well known in the incontinence aid market, and there are numerous Depends products available to fit nearly every user. Their protective underwear fits smoothly under clothing and does not bulge or bump in any conspicuous places.

You can choose from belted or unbelted pull-up underwear and add separate inserts for maximum absorbency and coverage. Repositionable tabs mean you can customize your protective underwear to fit you exactly.

Tena Protective Underwear

The TENA Extra Absorbent Pull-on Disposable Briefs mimic the look and feel of conventional underwear. Their styles all offer moderate to heavy incontinence sufferers' moisture and odor control, along with discreetly elasticized waist and leg openings for an easy fit.

An attached disposal tape on each brief means you can roll up your protective underwear for easy transport in purses or briefcases or discreet disposal as necessary.

Tranquility Protective Underwear

Tranquility divides its lineup of protective underwear into daytime or nighttime use. The Tranquility protective underwear comes with breathable stretch panels, which can reduce chafing, rubbing, or sores, as well as full-rise waists to help the underwear fit smoothly and snugly under clothing.

Their reinforced leg openings help minimize embarrassing spills and safely contain solid wastes. You can also purchase Double-Up liners to wear with your protective underwear, increase moisture absorbency as needed, or extend the product's life.

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